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Importance Of Using Bonus Offers In Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Bonus Offer : Importance Of Using Bonus Offers In Affiliate Marketing 

Importance Of Using Bonus Offers In Affiliate Marketing


Hey there!

Over the last few days we've talked  about how to maximize your income and
exposure by creating valuable bonus offers as well as review-style affiliate based authority websites.

Today, in our final discuss on the series we'hv been hndling for the past few days. I'm going to cover one other way to blast your way to the top of affiliate leaderboards, while building a unique brand all your own.You're going to create an exclusive offer that is only found on your website, and only available to those who purchase through YOU.

With exclusive bonus offers, no other affiliate can replicate your offer because you own full rights to what is being offered. This might include short reports, step-by-step guides,or video tutorials that you either created yourself, or hired out to qualified freelancers.

Being able to offer exclusive bonuses will help set your offer apart from the competing offers in the market, and since you own full rights to the content, you’ll also be able to use this package as a bonus in future offers, launches, or even as part of your own  information package!

With limited bonuses, you are offering access to your offer only for a limited time, or to a limited number of customers, such as  “early birds”. This employs the ‘scarcity’ tactic, which motivates people into taking quick action because they don’t want to miss out on a great deal.  It’s very important to use strong ‘urgency motivators’ with every bonus offer. 

If people feel that there’s no rush, chances are they’ll continue looking around for a better or bigger bonus offered by another affiliate, so take your time when creating your bonus and make certain that it’s relevant, and enhances the value of their main purchase.

Are you starting to see the power in creating bonus products that add value to a product that someone is already interested in purchasing?You are giving them more, at no extra cost. Their only requirement is to purchase through your affiliate link. 

Best of all, when creating your bonus product, you don't have to develop it yourself. You can minimize costs by using high quality private label content, or other types of white label content that you can quickly edit and brand as your own.

You can then create compilations from existing material, or develop extensive bundles, collections and packages that fit with the product you are promoting.

I highly recommend using any reputable plr site.
So, how can you set up and manage bonus offers like this? 

  • You could manually set up download pages and track affiliates.

Not only can you create landing and review pages, but you can set up bonus
products for just about any type of offer. Plus, they even give you some free bonus packages that you can slap your name on and use immediately!

I wish you the very best with your affiliate marketing campaign and I hope that this e-series has helped you get the head start you need.

All my best,

Affiliate Marketing Review: Two Things You Should Always Remember

 Affiliate Marketing  Review: Two Things You Should Always   Remember

When it comes to writing reviews that will capture attention and convince prospects to purchase through your affiliate links, there are two things you absolutely need to keep in mind.

You need to write reviews for:

a) The search engines who read it

b) The people who read it

Obviously, you first write for your visitors. After all, it’s them that will make the decision to purchase through your affiliate links after reading your content, but you also have to write your reviews to that they
are fully optimized within the search engines.

You do this by incorporating your keywords (including product titles) into your content and page title but also keep in mind that you should integrate keywords into:

  • Title 
  • Tags

  • Page Descriptions
Meta Descriptions

  • Anchor Text

You also want to make sure that your reviews are easy to read and attractive.  You need to capture and retain attention, so consider incorporating product images (such as images of book covers, or product boxes).  

Not only will this give your visitors a visual of the products you are promoting, but will also increase perceived value.

When creating your reviews, you want to keep in mind that your job is to ‘inform your reader’. 

You want to cover as many important benefits and features of each product as possible, while keeping it targeted and straightforward.

Consider writing casual style reviews that make your readers feel as though you are talking directly to them (like a friend, recommending a product that they genuinely believe will help them in some way).

You want your reviews to come across as if they were written exclusively for the person reading them. That way you can personally connect with your audience and demonstrate to them that you have their best interests at heart. Be honest. It’s important to push the positives to maximize your profits, but you also want to be transparent about any misgivings you may have, or how you feel the product could be improved.

(This is also a great place to insert your bonus offer that could bridge that gap and "complete" the product you are promoting! ;)

Also, write very detailed reviews, rather than basic summaries. People can find those anywhere and it’s likely they’ve already read the products sales page. Again, they want more than that.

So go through the product with as much detail as possible, and break down the product into segments so you can touch on important benefits and different aspects of the products.

Creating powerful reviews isn’t rocket science, but it takes time to learn how to create compelling reviews that really touch base with your visitors. 

See you soon,where we will discuss on the importance of using Ultimate Bonus Offer in Affiliate Marketing