Abuse victim warns :'BLOOD ON THE WALLS'

'BLOOD ON THE WALLS' Abuse victim warns that if a rich heiress like her can be beaten up by a lover… anyone can

Heiress Chloe Pidgley is breaking her silence about the horror she faced at the hands of boyfriend Antonio Henry and encourages  others in abusive relationships to get help.HEIRESS Chloe Pidgley thought handsome Antonio Henry was the perfect gentleman when she met him.

But five months later, she feared his snarling face would be the last thing she ever saw as he pinned her down and beat her.

Chloe Pidgley is speaking out about the abuse she faced at the hands of boyfriend Antonio Henry

He broke into Chloe’s £2.5million flat, choked and punched her then smashed a portable radiator over her head.

Last month Henry, 30, was jailed after admitting assault and criminal damage.

Today, Chloe is breaking her silence about the horror attack. She told The Sun on Sunday: “If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

“I want to encourage others in abusive relationships to get help before things escalate.”
Chloe initially thought Henry was the perfect gentleman, but after five months she ended up in hospital because of what he had done to her

Bubbly Chloe, 26, is the granddaughter of Berkeley Homes founder Tony Pidgley and is expected to inherit a share of his £310million empire along with other family.

At 18, she inherited a sum which she spent on buying a three-bedroom pad in Earl’s Court, West London.

Chloe, who worked as a receptionist at a chain of exclusive restaurants, was happy and confident.

But that changed when she met jobless Henry, a loner with a history of drug dealing and violence, at a party in January 2018.

She said: “He was friends with my friends and seemed sweet. But later I found out he had hidden his past.”

They started dating. Henry cooked her dinners and did jobs round her apartment.

Last month he was jailed after admitting to assault and criminal damage

Chloe said: “I did not want anything serious because I had just come out of a two-year relationship. But things ­developed quickly — he always seemed to be at my flat.”

He soon became aggressive and refused to leave her home for days on end.

Chloe said: “He was smoking a lot of weed. He didn’t go out. We argued and he cut me off from my friends.

“He would steal my things then jump out of the ­window and disappear. I tried to help him find a job but it never worked out.”

The couple decided to have a break. After two weeks Chloe ended it for good.

She said: “He got abusive. He bombarded me, my mum and sister with aggressive texts. He threatened to attack me with acid and stab me and anyone he saw me out with.”

Henry began turning up at Chloe’s flat and fleeing when she called the police. But she did not make an official complaint.

Chloe said: “I ­stupidly didn’t want to get him into trouble.” When she met Henry in public to return his belongings, he threw a bottle at her, pulled out a knife and punched her face before chasing her as she ran off.

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