Domain Names: Sell or Use?

Domain Names: Sell or Use?

Did you just purchase a domain name or do you want to?  If so, you will be faced with a big decision.  That decision is to sell your domain name or use it.  So, which approach should you choose?  To make the best decision, there are a number of important factors you should first examine.

In terms of ease, selling a domain name is the easiest.  Why?  Because it can be done in as little as two steps.  Step 1 is to buy a domain name.  Step 2 is to sell it.  If you want to maximize your profits, research is required.  For example, investigate to learn the name of a new business before it is shared with the public and register a domain name with it.  To make big profits with domain name flipping, don’t just chose any name.

As for using a domain name, it does require more time and work.  Not only do you need a domain name, but you need a web hosting package.  This is what allows you to display content, pictures, and video on your website.  Not only that, but you can display advertisements.  This is how you make money with the use of a domain name.

To sell a domain name, you may turn to a third party website.  These third party websites make money by charging fees. You may be charged a percentage of the selling price or a monthly listing fee.  Choose your website wisely.  You want a third party domain selling website that is proven successful, but one that has affordable costs.  The less you pay in related expenses, the larger the profits.

A cheap way to flip a domain is to do your own selling and marketing.  For example, list your domain name for sale on or another online classified website.  Most are free to use.
As previously stated, you need a web hosting plan to use a domain name.  This costs money.  Always price compare to find the best deal.  You can pay as much as $40 a month or as few as $4 a month for web hosting.

In terms of domain name flipping, the process can take time.  In fact, it can take a year or more.  This means that you may have to renew the domain name once or twice before making a sale.  Even if you must pay $20 over the course of two years, you are still able to make a profit when you sell the name for $1,000.  The most time consuming part of selling a domain name is advertising.

In terms of using a domain name, time will depend on which approach you take.  Do you want to do your own writing?  If so, it will be a time consuming process.  Content is needed for search engine ranking.  It is what draws readers in and leads them to click on your advertisements.  If limited on time and if you have financial resources, hire a professional writer.  All you need to do is sit back and watch.

Your profits when selling a domain name will depend.  Do you have a good name or one that is in demand?  Does a business want it?  If so, they may pay more.  A bad domain name can sell with a profit of only $10, but a carefully selected name could easily sell with a profit of $1,000 or more!

In terms of using a domain name, profits will be slow.  Some experts say it takes an average of 6 months for a website or blog to generate income.  It depends on the domain name, website content, and frequency of updates.  Although profits may be slow coming in, you make money overtime.  By relying on affiliate programs and pay-per-click advertising, you could easily make $5,000 a year.  In the long term, you are able to generate more income with use than flipping.


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