Earn extra income as Work At Home Mum

Earn extra income as  Work At Home Mum

Working at home can be exhausting for a mom, and breaks might be rare. But you might work from home because you need the extra money and can’t afford to take breaks. But you can create breaks within the context of work.

Let’s look at this further. What we mean is that you can still work your full-time  Work At Home Mum job, but add something in to break the monotony, or perhaps bring in extra money for holidays or to fill in a gap when your industry slows down temporarily.

These jobs likely won’t net you full-time income, but they are fun and interesting alternatives from the everyday work that you might be burnt from.

Letter writers
At Christmas, many  Work At Home Mums make extra money by writing letters from Santa. These can be postmarked from the “North Pole” or they can be on special paper or they might include special treats from Santa. You can build a quick website and market it to other moms who might be interested in their child or children getting a letter from Santa.

There are also websites that specialize in writing letters for people who can’t do it themselves or who want to present a more polished image than their own writing might provide.

Cake bakers
Many at-home moms turn into amateur bakers for weekend gatherings, from birthday parties to weddings. If you can bake well and can learn, or know, the art of cake decorating, you can make extra money at home selling decorated cakes.
This can be a nice break from your regular  Work At Home Mum job, especially if your regular job is a solitary or sedentary affair. Making and decorating cakes can be creative, offering a nice respite from the demands of a less creative job.

Mystery shopping
If you miss being out and about while working your  Work At Home Mum job, you might want to pick up a mystery shopping job now and then. These can be quick (taking less than an hour) but can net you a few dollars and sometimes free products. Look online for mystery shopping companies that provide services to the kinds of business you would like to shop – you might do mystery shops at restaurants, apartment complexes or cell phone kiosks.

Sell products
While many moms make a full-time living as consultants selling everything from skincare products to food, you can do it on a part-time basis and work when you need some variety or extra cash.
If you decide to sell items as a part-time gig, make sure you read the fine print carefully of the company you sign up with. Some have minimum requirements you must meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. Make sure that even on a part-time basis you can meet that minimum requirement.

Go outside the house
Working at home might be what you have always wanted to do and you are happy with all that it brings to your life. But you might have a desire to get out more. There are always options for very part-time jobs that serve you well in some way. For example, if you are a fitness freak, you might work just a few hours a week at the gym, netting you not only some extra money but likely a break on your gym fees. You might work just during the holidays at a department store.

The key to creating a  Work At Home Mum arrangement that works for you is to work through any challenges you might face working at home. Picking up a now and then extra job might be the key to keeping yourself happy working at home.


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