How My Personal Development Plan Overcame My Depressive Lifestyle

How My Personal Development Plan Overcame My Depressive Lifestyle

For more than the last decade, I have been in a strong, unyielding battle against my depression. My condition is a result of an odd kind of illness. At first, it showed no types of physical signs, and I felt no symptoms, other than being depressed. I had no stressful event that occurred in my life that served as a trigger. However, I was still depressed.

When I first started feeling my depressive thoughts, I avoided admitting I had any kind of real issue. I just figured that it was a part of the growing process, and that everyone experienced what I was feeling. Eventually I recognized that I was feeling a high level of stress and anxiety that others did not.

It did not take long before I started developing rashes on my body that were stress-related. While the doctors first began treating my skin condition, it became evident that there was an underlying problem – my depression.

It was only at this point that I recognized that I had some type of serious issue that needed to be dealt with. I was extremely unhappy, and recognized that if I did not take some proactive step, it could take over my entire life. I chose to seek help from others.

The doctor just wanted to prescribe heavy dose antidepressant medications, but at first I was reluctant. I instead chose to develop a personal development plan that included clinical therapy, where I spoke with an individual every week about my negative outlook on life. I was taught that creating one negative thought tends to produce another one, creating a cycle that serves no purpose or benefit.

My therapist indicated that my negative thoughts tended to push all of my problems onto others. It was always someone else's fault that was causing my negative outlook. Every bit of my misfortune in life was the result of someone else's action.

I was soon given a variety of activities to perform to get me out of my depressive mood. My therapist had me altering my diet, to eat healthier foods of an organic nature. I felt better after just a few weeks. However, to suggest that my depression was gone would not be truthful.

She then put me on an exercise regimen, where I spent at least 20 to 30 minutes every day performing some type of exerting physical exercise. I joined a gym, and got on the treadmill, and soon found that I was feeling much better, especially while I was working out.

My clinical therapist indicated that what was happening during the exercise was that my body was producing endorphins, which was making me feel significantly better. I quickly became addicted to working out every day, started becoming extremely physically fit, and felt better than I ever had before in my life.

While I know that some individuals have experienced a high quality improvement in their life through taking anti-depressants, I feel better relief by taking a more natural approach. Since then, my personal development plan has made me feel significantly better, and I no longer have my negative thoughts and bad behaviors.


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