How to Advertise for Sale Domains

How to Advertise for Sale Domains

Domain flipping is a work-from-home opportunity that is increasing in popularity.  Flippers can make a little bit of extra cash or a full-time income.  It all depends on the domain names bought and sold and the effort put forth.

As previously stated, a key component to profiting from domain name flipping is to choose a good name.  Popular and in demand domain names are those of business names, landmarks, annual events, celebrities, movies, books, and so forth.  In addition to buying and registering domain names for these popular things, opt for slight variations.  Speaking of which, the more domain names a person buys and flips, the more money they make.

Aside from having a good domain name, the next important component of profiting from domain name flipping is to choose the best selling option.  Domain names can be sold a number of different ways, but which approach is the best?

Domain listing websites.  Domain listing websites are online marketplaces.  They specialize in the selling of domain names.  On occasion, turnkey websites are available for sale too.  Domain name listing websites are a great way to sell a domain name, but steps must be taken to maximize profits.  Those who frequent domain name marketplaces are flippers themselves waiting for an inexperienced flipper to basically giveaway a good name.  Research first and don’t be that person.

Internet marketing forums.  Internet marketing forums are online communities where webmasters meet, talk, and share tips.  Most internet marketing forums are home to a section that allows the buying, selling, and trading of products or services.  This is a great place to advertise a for sale name.

When advertising a domain name for sale on an internet marketing forum, caution is advised.  The individuals who frequent these forums are professionals on the subject of making money online.  When many see a domain name, they know immediately whether it can be reflipped for a profit or developed into a moneymaking website.  For that reason, avoid posting poor quality domain names with an asking price of $200,000. A purchase offer won’t be received, but unsolicited advice is likely.

eBay.  eBay and other online marketplaces allow the selling of domain names, among other items.  Selling on eBay is a great way to make extra money, but it typically isn’t advised for domain name flipping.  Those who visit eBay to buy domain names expect to find dirt-cheap prices.  Have a domain name available on eBay for $250,000?  If so, don’t count on making a sale.

Although good domain names should be sold on a website that will maximize profits, not eBay, buying is recommend.  Domain names sell for low prices on eBay.  Anyone can walk away spending $4.  Before doing so, make sure the name is worth that much.  A good domain name is short, popular, contains a good keyword phrase, and isn’t a bunch of letters followed by a .com.

In addition to advertising a website for sale online, a pitch can be made.  By luck, some register a domain name that later becomes a title for a movie or a book or even a new retail store.  Businesses are willing to pay top dollar for these domain names, but the process is hit or miss.  An owner could receive an offer or make a sales pitch immediately or wait two years before the time is right.  Although a waiting game, this is the best way to maximize profits with domain name flipping.


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