How to Buy Cheap Domain Names for Resale

How to Buy Cheap Domain Names for Resale

Do you want to make money with domain name flipping?  Before you can resell a domain name for a profit, you need to own it.  So, what are your buying options?
Web hosting companies.  Web hosting companies are known for their sale of web hosting.  Often times, when you purchase a hosting package, you get a free domain name.  Despite this common sale, individual domain names are sold too.  For many, it gives them comfort and peace of mind in knowing they are doing business with a reputable company, such as Go Daddy.sedo

eBay. is a popular online marketplace.  Most internet users use the website to buy clothes, toys, books, and movies.  Yes, this is nice, but you may be surprised with what is sold online.  Domain names are sold too.  You may get a good deal online.  Selling domain names on eBay is convenient, but not the most profitable approach.   Those selling are likely inexperienced and aware of other methods of selling.  This means you may get a great domain name for a cheap price.

On eBay, you will find domain names available in their famous auction style format or in Buy It Now format.  When bidding on a domain name in an auction format, you bid.  If you really want to own the domain name, set a maximum bid. With each bid, yours will automatically increase in price until the maximum is reached.  This allows you to step away from the computer.  Be cautious with Buy It Now listings, as most sellers want more than the domain name is worth.

Domain name listing websites.  Domain name listing websites are third party websites that specialize in the selling of domain names.  In addition to domain names, other moneymaking opportunities are bought, sold, and traded.  It is common to find domain names, turnkey websites, and established websites available for sale.

Domain name listing websites are a great way to get a cheap domain name.  This is because many new and inexperienced flippers turn to these websites, like  The only problem you face is high competition.  Professional flippers wait in lie for the opportunity of a lifetime, which is an inexperienced domain owner selling a quality name for only $100.  To find cheap domains on listing websites, monitor them closely and often.

Internet marketing forums.  Internet marketing forums are popular online.  They are where webmasters converge to learn the latest tips and tricks.  By staying up-to-date on the latest in internet marketing tactics, webmasters increase their profits.  Although these forums are used to share tips and tricks, they are also used to make money.  Many online forums have a buy, trade, or sell section.  This is where you may find domain names for sale.

Although you can find domain names for sale on an internet marketing forum, they may not be cheap.  Internet marketers make money by having knowledge and the ability to research.  If an internet marketer is selling a domain name, they have a good idea of its value.  It won’t hurt to look, but don’t expect to find a $5 domain name for sale that can flip for $10,000.  In the rare event it does occur, it sells in a hurry.
As you can see, there are many ways to find cheap domain names for sale.  Your best option is to purchase an unregistered domain name for less than $10, but if faced with a good opportunity that requires more investment, take it.


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