How to Choose a Profitable Domain Name

How to Choose a Profitable Domain Name

A domain name is an identification marker used for IP addresses and websites.  Although occasionally referred to as website addresses, domain names are so much more.  When you know how to choose them and use them, they can be a profitable venture.

As previously stated, a domain name can be turned into a moneymaking tool.  How?  It depends.  There are many ways to profit from a good, quality domain name.  Parked domains, which are not in use, can be monetized with special pay-per-click programs designed for parked domains.  A domain name can be purchased with web hosting and used or flipped for a profit.

So, do you want to make easy money with domain names?  Whether you want to park a domain with advertisements, use it, or flip it, the name you choose is important.  To profit from a domain name, a simple word or phrase will not do.  It needs to be catchy, as well as meet other criteria.

Always opt for a domain name with a .com address.  Yes, there are alternative address endings available including .tv, .net, and so forth, but try to avoid them.  Internet users instinctively type in .com.  Even in cases where they know the website they needs ends in .net, most still type in .com by habit.  Dot com addresses are more profitable to use and sell.

When creating a domain name, avoid dashes.  For many professionals, dashes are an easy way to get around an unavailable domain name.  If your sole purpose is to flip a domain name, possibly try dashed names.  Unless you are selling to an inexperienced business owner or personal website owner, your profits will be smaller.  This is because typing dashes into an address bar is an inconvenience for internet users; therefore, not as profitable.

If your intent is to make money through domain name flipping or parking with advertisements, buy more than one domain name.  Not only that, buy variations of the name.  For example, did you hear that a new car dealership may be opening in your area?  Attempt to buy a domain name before the owners get a chance.  Snap up all of their options.  Make it so that they can only buy from you and for more money.  For example, consider,, and so forth.

Do not just guess on good domain names, but research them.  The best domains to sell or use are those that contain popular keyword phrases.  For example, Wii and eBay are popular keyword phrases now.  Internet users search the internet looking for information on these subjects.  If you are making money by writing on the subjects of eBay or Wii and have advertisements displayed on your website, you will get a higher search engine ranking with a good keyword phrase in your domain name.  For example, consider something like

If you intend to use a website, fill it with content, and monetize with ads, you are already familiar with keyword tracker tools.  If not, perform a standard internet search.  These are tools that can tell you what internet users are searching for.  Good domain names will match the phrases used.  Domain names with popular keyword phrases are the most profitable to flip.

In addition to researching popular internet search phrases, register domain names for popular topics.  The names of popular movies, books, and people are likely already registered.  Before giving up, consider variations.  For example, instead of, try 

Finally, choose a short domain name.  Never use more than 30 or 40 characters.  Internet users not only use search engines to find a website, but the address bar.  Most are likely to remember short names only.  Those short named domains are easier to flip and profit from.


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