How To Create A Writing Portfolio

How To Create A Writing Portfolio

If you want to offer writing services to other internet marketers, one of the most important components you’ll need is some samples of your writing. People will want to see what kind of writing you’ve done in the past, what topics you’ve written about and just how good it actually is. The best way to offer these samples is through a portfolio website.

Most people think of photography or web design when they think of a portfolio site, but it works equally well for writing. Your portfolio site should have different examples of your writing. Ideally, you should provide several different types of content:

- Articles
- Blog posts
- Short reports
- eBooks
- Longer training courses

Basically, whatever type of content you are offering your clients should have examples in your portfolio.

There are a couple of ways that you can come up with this content. The obvious one is to simply write some sample content that you can post to your own website.

You can kill two birds with one stone by writing about topics that would be of interest to people viewing your portfolio. That content would not only work as a sample, it would also help your website get ranked in the search engines and generate more traffic to your site.

Another way you can generate sample content for your portfolio is to pull examples out of work you’ve done for past clients. This can work very well, since it shows actual examples of client work, but it’s critical that you get the client’s permission before using their content. If they don’t want you posting it on your website, don’t.

Web content like articles and blog posts can simply be posted directly to your portfolio site, giving clients the chance to read it there. But longer content like ebooks and reports should really be converted into PDF format so your customers can download it for review.

Part of the reason is this gives you more opportunity to show off your content, maybe by adding some attractive graphics and other design cues. Presentation is part of the package, even if people are just interested in your writing.

If your samples look a lot nicer than your competition’s, which one do you think the customer is more likely to choose? Even if your competitor’s content is every bit as good as yours, chances are they’re going to go with the one that looks nicer.

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