How to Develop a Domain Name for Sale

How to Develop a Domain Name for Sale

With a quality name, it is easy to profit from a domain name sale or flip.  However, an established domain name can see even larger profit returns.  So, what is an established domain name and how do you develop one?

When it comes to established domain names, you will find various definitions.  In most cases, it depends on who you ask.  Some claim established domain names are names that have incoming links.  An example would be an article on with a link directing readers to the domain name.  On the other hand, some claim an established domain name not only has inbound links, but content.  This is not just an established domain name, but a website.

So, how do you develop a domain name for sale?

If you want to flip a domain for a large profit, but limit your business expenses and time spent, opt for a domain name with inbound links.  Remember, this is just a website without any content.  Instead of articles or pictures, users will see a “this site is under construction,” or “page not found,” message.  Although there is nothing there, you can still generate inbound links.  You can do so by posting links on online forums, submitting articles to article directories, and so forth.

As previously stated, it is possible to develop a website and establish inbound links without content showing on the page.  This minimizes business expenses, as you do not have to purchase a web hosting package.  However, your domain is essentially sitting there unused.  Do not let this happen.  Instead, opt for a parked domain advertising program.  This is where you partner with an affiliate or pay-per-click program to display targeted ads.  By doing so, your inbound links can lead to income with advertisement clicks.  Since selling a domain name can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 years, make money in the meantime.

The other method of developing an established domain name is to create a website to accompany it.  In this instance, the website will be sold as a turnkey website, as it is ready for immediate sale.  Buyers not only get the website, but the domain name.  In fact, if you have a profitable name, interested buyers could care less about the content.  As for development, you purchase a web hosting package and a domain name.  The domain name should be discounted or free.  Then, you add content.  If you are unfamiliar with search engine optimization, hire a professional writer.

Quality domain names and turnkey websites will sell, but it is easy to maximize profits by creating inbound links.  As stated above, these links can come from blog or website directories, article directories, message board signatures, and much more.  The more traffic a website is able to generate, the more money you will make.  If waiting to establish a domain name and website before making a sale, add your own affiliate banners or pay-per-click advertisements and make money in the meantime.

So, which approach is best?  It all depends on your wants, needs, commitment, and time.  If you want to make a quick sale and make money immediately, forego the development and just flip the domain name.  If you have a quality name, such as one that is short, contains a popular keyword phrase, or is in demand, you can easily make money with little or no work on your part and only a small investment.


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