How to Make Money with Domain Name Parking

How to Make Money with Domain Name Parking ,

Do you want to work from home?  Do you want to make a little bit of extra money?  If so, look no farther than domain name parking.  Domain name is a phrase that most individuals know.  A domain name is similar to a phone number.  It gives a website a unique address.  For example,, is a domain name.

Although many internet users are familiar with the phrase domain name, many are unfamiliar with domain name parking.  Many do not know what it is, let alone how it can generate income.  If you are new to the internet or making money online, now is the time to learn.  When it comes to making money with domain names, the longer you wait and the more money you lose.

So, what is domain name parking?  A website is registered to an individual or business, but not in use.  Not all website owners use domain parking as a moneymaking opportunity.  For example, someone may have an idea about starting a website for selling on eBay.  Since eBay is a popular topic, that person should purchase a good domain name before someone else does.  But, if that person isn’t ready to develop their website it sits unused.  In many instances, website visitors will just see a “this website is under construction message.”  In other instances, advertisements will be show.

When advertisements are shown on a parked domain name, the domain name is monetized.  Even situations in where just a domain name not web hosting were purchased, advertisements will still appear.  But first, a domain owner must find a program that allows for profit.  The good news is that you have many options. There is Google AdSense, Sedo, and Domain Sponsor.  These companies allow you to make money online not with a website, but with a simple domain name.

As previously stated, Google AdSense, Sedo, and Domain Sponsor have monetization programs available for domain parking.  You will, however, find some results and restrictions.  For example, Google AdSense only accepts domain owners with larger portfolios.  This not only means you need to have a good domain, but many of them.  Domain Sponsor and Sedo do have more flexibility.

Now that you know how you can make money with the use of domain name parking, you may be ready to get started.  That is great.  Drive and determination will increase and speed up your profits, but there are some important things you should know first.

Not all domain names are created equal.  If you want to make money with domain name parking, you need a name that will draw in internet users.  Since you do not have content on your website, it may not appear in standard internet search results.  That is why a name is extremely important.  Pick a topic that you know people use the internet to research, such as finding free samples, selling on eBay, and working from home.  Create a domain name that is short, but on subject.

Finally, it is important to know that domain name parking isn’t your only option for monetization.  There are many ways to profit from a good domain name.  Did you register a domain name for a new local event?  If organizers want to host that event annually, they may want your domain name.  In fact, they may offer to pay a lot for it.

A domain name can be used to create a profitable content driven website.  Domain name parking makes money through the use of pay-per-click advertising.  These same programs are available for developed websites.  If you are making $50 a month with a parked domain, imagine how much money you can make with a website that has content?  Remember, that content will result in organic clicks for search engines.  This increase in traffic should translate into higher earnings.

As you can see, making money through a parked domain name is easy.  Even those you are unfamiliar with computers can turn an easy profit.


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