How to Make Money with Domain Names

How to Make Money with Domain Names ,

Online, many people look for easy ways to make money from home.  Many want to work from home full time, while others are looking to make a little bit of extra cash.  Whatever your goal, you can do it with domain names. 

As you likely already know, domain names are an identification tag that are used to identify an IP address or a website.  In a way, domain names are like a phone number.  Although you may know what domain names are, you may not know how to profit from them.  So, what are your options?

Buying and Selling
The process of buying and selling domain names is referred to as domain name flipping.  You purchase a domain name and then turn around and sell it.  For the best profits, you don’t want to rush the process.  Don’t let someone else buy the domain name for a cheap price because they also think it will sell.  Instead, wait for someone who really wants it.  These people are willing to pay more.

The first step in making money with the buying and reselling of domain names is to purchase them.  The more you buy, the more money you can make.  With that said, don’t run out and purchase any name you can think of.  Remember, consider needs.  Do you have a name that may one day make a good movie?  Buy it.  In the event that movie does develop, the production company may be willing to spend big bucks for a simple domain name.

Domain Name Parking
Domain name parking itself doesn’t make you money, but how you decide to park your domain name does.  In many instances, an unused domain name will appear with a webpage that says “this page is under construction.”  This is typically when a web hosting package was purchased too.
If a single domain name was purchased, you may receive a “page not found,” message.  This is what your visitors will see too.  Instead of letting an used domain name just sit there, why not profit from domain name parking?  Many websites will help you make money.  These websites are pay-per-click advertising programs.

Sedo and Google AdSense for Domains are your two best options.  They take your domain name, consider what users visiting the site are looking for, and then place targeted ads online.  For example, a domain name that includes the phrase “free samples,” is likely to have free sample advertisements.  Each time an advertisement is clicked, you receive a small amount of money.

Making money through domain name parking is easy, but it isn’t your best option.  It should be used until a decision is made about use or flipping.

Develop and Sell
Another way to profit with domain names is to develop a website.  In this aspect, you are not only selling a domain name, but a functional website.  This website is known as a turnkey website, as it is ready for immediate use.

The first step in making money with a turnkey website is purchase a domain name and web hosting.  Develop a website that is filled with content.  This content should be reader and search engine friendly.  If you are unfamiliar with search engine optimization, hire a professional web content writer.
Once a website has content, it is ready for sale.  If you have yet to monetize the website or make money through it, make sure all buyers known of the earnings potential.  Provide a few suggestions, such as pay-per-click advertising or affiliate programs.  When buyers know they can profit from a turnkey website, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Selling for Others
Do you have a knack for online selling and internet marketing?  If so, why just make money from your own domain names?  Why not profit from others?  You can do so by starting a selling assistance program.

In terms of selling, you have many options.  You can start your own website where others can list their domains for sale.  Charge a monthly listing fee or take a percentage from each sale.  Also, act as a broker.  This involves more than just setting up a website, but contacting perspective sellers.  If opting for an involved broker, charge more money.


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