How to Profit from Helping Other Sell Domain Names

How to Profit from Helping Other Sell Domain Names ,

Have you recently tried domain name flipping and did you like the results?  If you were able to purchase a $10 domain name and resell it for $1,000, you made a good profit.  You may want to continue buying and flipping domain names.  Go ahead and do so, but why not use your talent to help others? 

When most hear that they can use their talents to help others profit from domain flipping, confusion is the first thought to set in.  “Why on earth would I help someone make money when I can do it myself?” is what most people say.  Yes, this is a good point, but there are many factors to take into consideration.

Parked domains are domain names that are purchased, but unused.  There are thousands of parked domains on the internet.  Professionals will use a monetization program, such as pay-per-click advertising, but others will just sit unused.  These websites show a “page not found,” or a “this website is under construction,” message.  In those cases, the domain owner doesn’t know what to do with their domain name.  They may have wanted to use it, but changed their mind.  Most just wait for it to expire, but that is a huge mistake.

As a professional, you know that domain names are in high demand.  It seems like most good ones are taken.  That is why business owners and webmasters pay top dollar for them.  It is common for a good domain name to sell for $1,000 and up.  With unregistered domains selling for an average of $10, that is a quite the profit.  But, remember that most novice internet users do not know they can sell a domain name or even how to do so; that is where you come in.

If you have a talent for selling domain names, create a website.  That website will be used to sell your service.  It is important to outline your business and what you do.  That is helping domain name owners sell their names for a profit.  Make it known that people can buy domain names and flip them or sell ones they currently own.  If you have proof that you have flipped a domain for a profit, show it to build trust.  Internet marketing will help prospective buyers see your website.

Although a good internet marketing campaign will help internet users and prospective buyers find your website, you need to do more.  You need to generate sales yourself.  If you want to assist others with the flipping of domain names, this is something you need to be good at.  Perform a WHOIS search to find the owner of unused parked domains.  Offer your services.  Explain that you will only retain a small percentage of the sale.  So, not only do you make money, but they do too.

Offering your assistance as a professional domain flipper isn’t enough; you need to produce results.  If you want repeat clients or a good reputation, do the job and right.  Don’t just list a domain name for sale on a third party website.  After all, the original owner could have done this.  Find clients for the domain name.  Does a client have a domain name that is  If so, contact used car dealerships in Los Angeles.

Anyone can make money as a domain name broker, but it takes hard work, drive, and determination to profit from it.


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