What to Do With an Unused Domain Name

What to Do With an Unused Domain Name

Online, a domain name is used to provide identity to a website.  In a way, it is similar to a phone number.  Those searching for information on Microsoft products, head to, and so forth.  Although many domain names are in use, others are not.  These domain names have been purchased, but are sitting unused.  For most, this is a big mistake. Why?  Because there are many ways in which a domain name owner can make money.  How?

If you find a domain name that is unused, research.  Is that domain name a common or popular name?  Can it be used to generate income through affiliate programs and pay-per-click advertising?  Can it be resold for a profit?  If so, contact the owner.  You can do so by performing a WHOIS search.  If the domain owner has their information set to public, you can see it.  This allows you to set up contact and offer purchase.  If the current owner is unfamiliar with computers or domain name flipping, they may not know how valuable their name is, giving you an opportunity to turn a huge profit.

As shown above, you can make money with unused domain names that you do not own by offering a purchase.  This is a good approach to take, but it will be hit or miss.  You may have an owner who is unwilling to sell or one who wants too much money.  For that reason, focus your attention on domain names you own or intend to buy.

If you own a domain that that is sitting unused, consider flipping it.  You can usually make a profit.  Find a third party website that allows you to list your domain for sale, such as  These websites usually have a solid marketing plan in place, meaning your for sale listing will be seen.  The only downside is that you are charged a fee.  You can also opt for free methods of selling.  Posting an advertisement on or an online message board is a simple way to get started.

A domain name can also be used.  A website with good content can make money through pay-per-click programs and affiliate programs.  So, why don’t you take a domain name that you own that includes the phrase free samples and list articles about finding free samples.  Pay-per-click advertisements will show that offer frees samples, so your site visitors will click on them.  Each time a click is made, you make money.  If you aren’t a good writer, hire one.

When using a domain name, look for options.  A domain name isn’t enough, you need web hosting or a platform. is home to Blogger.  With this, you are able to attach a domain name to a blog.  This means that you use the Blogger platform for free, but still have your own domain name.  This extends your profits, as you don’t have to pay for web hosting.

Domain name parking is the phrase to describe a domain name not in use.  It is parked and waiting for further action.  Many times, a domain name is parked when a webmaster is working on building a website.  Other times, a domain name is parked when someone is waiting to flip and make a sale.  Instead of having a “this site is now under construction,” or a “page not found,” message appear, have moneymaking advertisements show.  Google AdSense and Sedo have moneymaking programs available for parked domains.

Finally, all domain owners have the option of letting their domain names expire.  Yes, this is an option, but it isn’t a good one.  Why pay $10 or more for a domain name and then not use it or at least try to profit from it?  Did you want to start a website about free product samples and then change your mind?  Instead of letting your domain name expire, sell it.  Even if you only make $5, you still don’t waste money.


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