Work at Home Research Assistants

Work at Home Research Assistants

If you are looking for a work at home position, a research assistant might be just what you can do. If you have a way of searching the Internet and finding information that most people cannot find, this type of work would be just perfect for you. Many companies and private clients are looking for people with good researching skills to do many types of researching.

The typical research assistant looks up information for clients according to their specific specifications. This may include genealogy research. This type of research requires the knowledge of using some of the genealogy sites on the Internet and researching public records in your city or surrounding community. This type of research work is fascinating and can pay very well for the correct information.

Another type of research work needed by companies is deed searching. This job requires a laptop computer and transportation to the local courthouse. Deed researchers look up information about deed holders according to specifications given by the research company. Because many public records are not available online, you may have to be located in a specific are to do this type of work. You can make good money doing this type of work if you can type fast and have a laptop that you can take with you.

Companies looking for websites similar to their own sites need research assistants. They have positions for finding relevant sites that and collecting information about the websites. This might include email addresses for the owner, page ranks and type of content that the website displays. There are many of these positions offered every day and you can make money supplying this information. Most companies prefer documentation with Microsoft Excel.

Why do people pay for researchers when they could easily do this type of work themselves? Most companies or private clients do not have the time they need to do their own research. Some also have no idea how to start looking for specific information. They prefer to outsource the work and have it done correctly. This is why home research assistants are in such high demand.

As for the genealogy researchers, many companies that do family history researchers need to outsource the work that they have because they have so much work and cannot do all the research themselves. They do some of the research, but they rely on outsourcing to collect the information and have their staff compile all the information into a readable family history. You may be asked to search census records, marriage records, newspaper clippings and even obituaries to find relevant information. Once you have the information, the company uses this information to trace someone's family as far back as specified.

The nice thing about becoming a research assistant is that you can work on your own schedule and anywhere you have an Internet connection. A typical day for a research assistant is spending all day on the Internet looking through many of the genealogy websites online. This is a very fascinating job with better than average pay. You could make more money in one day if you have the ability to search such sites as and other such sites.

Realtors that look for homes on the Internet that have been recently listed, use research assistants. This type of assistant scours the real estate pages looking for new homes for sale in areas specified by the client. These positions pay nicely for every listing found and documented.

Work at Home Research Assistants

There are many work at home jobs for moms that want to stay home with the kids. This is just one of the jobs available. This type of job takes some time to do, but does not need a quiet place to work or a stationary desk.

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