Kerosene to Electric Conversion: Wall Sconce

Kerosene to Electric Conversion: Wall Sconce

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During the removal of the god awful 1960's decor in our Living room, we decided on a 1930's - 40's theme. We didn't get power until 1943, so we had a lot of Kerosene table and wall lamps and wall brackets in the house. So we decided to electrify a couple wall mount lamps as sconces, flanking a period mirror.

Items required would be the wall brackets, wall mounts, suitable Kerosene Founts, electric conversion "burners" and 3" x 8" chimneys.

We had the lamps, and swing mounts but the wall mounting brackets were long gone. Ebay solved that problem with good quality repo's.

We didn't want the sconces to look like a Kerosene lamp that a large bulb was plopped into, like everyone else does. We were shooting for a realistic look. We found the C9 LED Christmas bulbs here:, the Yellow ones. They give a nearly perfect representation of a burning Kerosene lamp.




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