Woman Bites Camel’s Testicles At Truck Stop While Trying To Save Dog

Woman Bites Camel’s Testicles At Truck Stop While Trying To Save Dog

It was just another day for Caspar the camel until a woman chomped down on his bollocks. 
The bizarre incident occurred on Thursday (September 20) at a Louisiana truck stop about 20 minutes outside Baton Rouge.
While stopped at the roadside attraction, the woman’s husband was throwing treats for their dog under the fence of the camel’s enclosure. As reported by The Advocate, Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office said this led to the pup crawling inside the dromedary’s den.Camel
Panicking as the dog roamed the camel’s enclosure, the couple went in after him. Unfortunately, the woman didn’t get very far – the camel used her as a cushion, sitting down on top of and crushing her.
As the clock ticked, the woman took desperate action: she bit down on the camel’s genitals to get him off her.
Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr said: 
She said: ‘I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me.’
A subsequent investigation found the couple had provoked Caspar before he plonked his butt down on the woman.
According to the San Diego Zoo, male dromedaries can weight up to 600kg when fully-grown – so it’s not like a big dog was sitting on the woman.
Deputy Hamilton Jr added: 
The camel did nothing wrong. [The couple was] aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine.
The camel has never been aggressive, the camel has never gotten out, never caused any issues. In fact, the husband and wife stated before that we’ve been here before and we’ve never had any problems.
Employees at the truck stop did not face charges as a result of the incident, as the attraction was enclosed sufficiently and clearly signposted with warnings to stay out.
However, the unnamed couple were cited with a leash law violation for letting the dog run free on the private property, as well as criminal trespassing.
Deputy Hamilton Jr added: 
My only question to her husband was: ‘Why did you throw the doggy treat under the fence?’ And he just said: ‘I wasn’t thinking.’
Pamela Bossier, manager of the truck stop, said the couple should have called for help instead of taking matters into their own hands by crawling under the enclosure’s barbed wire.Camel
Bossier claims the woman’s husband shoved the camel when inside the pen, which inevitably spurred the animal to take some sort of action.
Bossier told The Advocate: 
Any animal you provoke, they’re going to strike back. [Caspar] is really a gentle giant.
Biting down on a camel’s balls is strange. But disturbing and provoking an animal due to your own stupidity – that’s nuts.




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