Meatballs! Squash! Pasta!

Meatballs! Squash! Pasta!

Hi and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. So, as you may know, my day job is being a food editor, and one thing food editors love is a sexy ingredient: lots of chiles, turmeric, torn herbs. And yet lately I’m drawn to distinctly unsexy ingredients: lots of beans, egg noodles, celery. I’ve been eating even more jarred tuna than usual, and I had some very creamy chicken liver out at dinner one night last week. (Have I lost you?)
But, but! Those ingredients are great. (Have you even had buttered egg noodles lately? They transcend.) Beans, in particular, have really captured my attention: I’ve been cooking so many pots of dried beans at home. This means I’m actually planning my schedule for and around beans. Who am I?
That’s the real report from my kitchen. But Five Weeknight Dishes can’t just be beans. There must be chicken! There must be squash! There must be meatballs! It’s all here for you below, and you can send me thoughts or requests at



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