These Sony Xperia phones are getting Android 10, starting in December

These Sony Xperia phones are getting Android 10, starting in December

Sony has confirmed its Android 10 roadmap for a number of its leading smartphones, and the good news is the rollout will begin before the end of the year.
If you’re the proud owner of a Sony Xperia 1 or the recently-announced Xperia 5 smartphones, those handsets will be the first to receive the latest version of Google’s operating system.
Sony isn’t committing to any specific release dates at present, so the launch could come in just two weeks, or it could be on the last day of the year. Even then, it’s probably unlikely to be a straightforward rollout.

What about the other Sony Xperia devices in the portfolio, you ask? Well Sony is now confirming the Xperia 10, 10 Plus, XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium and XZ3 will also get Android 10. Sony says owners of those devices can access the upgrade from early 2020 onwards, so even less clarity there.
In a blog post Sony also points out that: “Software rollouts are a phased process – timing and availability will vary by market and/or operator. Most models supported but some operator/market exceptions will apply.”

The Sony Xperia 5, the latest in the range, which we called “smaller, cheaper Xperia with a large, super-wide display,” earned 4/5 stars in our review last month.
We praised the phone for having the best camera we’d ever used on a Sony handset, the attractive OLED display and the distinctive Sony design. It lost points for its 21:9 aspect ratio and questionable value compared to rival devices.

Our reviewer wrote: “Hot on the heels of the Xperia 1, the Xperia 5 is another strong flagship-level phone from Sony, this time offering a slightly better balance between top-end specifications and everyday practicality. The Xperia 5 sacrifices a little of the wow factor for a little more usability – but we’re quite happy with the trade-off.”



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