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Anthony Joshua Vows To Expose Andy Ruiz Jr Ahead Of Saudi Arabia Rematch

Anthony Joshua Vows To Expose Andy Ruiz Jr Ahead Of Saudi Arabia Rematch


Anthony Joshua Vows To Expose Andy Ruiz Jr Ahead Of Saudi Arabia Rematch

Joshua is confident ahead of the rematch and claims he knows some of the Mexican' s weaknesses.


Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua has vowed to “expose” Andy Ruiz Jr in their world heavyweight championship rematch.

Ruiz Jr shocked Joshua to win the IBF, WBA and WBO titles in June.

But a second fight will take place in Saudi Arabia on December 7.

Joshua is confident ahead of the rematch and claims he knows some of the Mexican’s weaknesses.

“A little blip should not change you as a person.

“You should stay consistent with who you are.

“I can become familiar with him. I know what I’m in for. I know what I’m capable of. I know what he’s capable of.

“I know some of the attributes he possesses, and some of the weaknesses. I have to go about exposing him a little bit more.

“The first time I had him down [in the first fight], I could have been smarter. These little things you think about in your head.

“Now I meet him eye-to-eye again and, subconsciously, the clock is ticking and I start thinking more and more about the fight,” Joshua told Sky Sports.


Meet Nwude, the Biggest Nigerian Fraudster in History Who 'Sold a Fake Airport' to a Brazilian for $242m (Photos)

Meet Nwude, the Biggest Nigerian Fraudster in History Who 'Sold a Fake Airport' to a Brazilian for $242m (Photos)

Meet Nwude, the Biggest Nigerian Fraudster in History Who 'Sold a Fake Airport' to a Brazilian for $242m (Photos)

Here is the story of Emmanuel Nwude who committed the largest fraud in Nigeria by selling a non-existent airport to a Brazilian for $242 million between 1995 and 1998.

Emmanuel Nwude carried out one of the the biggest banking fraud in the world
The rise of internet fraud commonly known as 419 is one phenomenon Nigeria has come to be associated it. Before internet fraud became a global issue, Nwude had committed one of the biggest scams in the world.
Specifically, his fraud was the third largest banking scam in the world after the Nick Leeson's trading losses at Barings Bank, and the looting of the Iraqi Central Bank by Qusay Hussein.
How was Emmanuel Nwude able to carry out this jaw-dropping scam and convince Nelson Sakaguchi who was the director of the bank to part with so much money for the purchase of an airport?
Nwude was a former director of Union Bank of Nigeria and this position made him privy to some links, information and documents that other persons would not be aware of. He impersonated the then governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Paul Ogwuma, and connected with Sakaguchi informing him of a mouth-watering deal of Nigeria’s plan to build an airport in Abuja.
Nwude, pretending to be the Central Bank of Nigeria governor, told Sakaguchi that he stood of chance of pocketing $10 million commission when the deal passed through. Sakaguchi paid $191 million in cash and the remainder in the form of outstanding interest.
Nwude’s accomplices were Emmanuel Ofolue, Nzeribe Okoli, and Obum Osakwe, along with the husband and wife duo, Christian Ikechukwu Anajemba and Amaka Anajemba, with Christian later being assassinated.
The criminal gang was able to convince the director of the Brazilian bank to part with the money.

Nwude has become Nigeria's fraud kingpin after pulling off one of the biggest 'deals' in history
How did Sakaguchi find out he was a victim of one of the largest scam in the world?
In 1997, the Spanish Banco Santander wanted to take over the Banco Noroeste and a joint board meeting was held in December of that year. Officials of the Spanish bank noted that half of the Brazilian bank’s capital was at Cayman Islands unmonitored. This raised questions as this was two-fifths of Noroeste's total value.
Investigation began and was carried out in Brazil, Britain, Nigeria, Switzerland, and the United States. Although the sale of the Bank still went on as the owners of the bank paid $242 million bill, the nak still collapsed in 2001.
The birth of the EFCC
In 2002, the then president, Olusegun Obasanjo saw to the establishment of an anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Nwude’s fraud case one of the first to be investigated and in 2004, all members of the gang were arraigned before an Abuja High Court on 86 counts of "fraudulently seeking advance fees" and 15 counts of bribery related to the case . Although they pleaded not guilty, they were warned not to attempt to bribe court officials as it was suspected that money was going round.
In 2005, Amaka confessed to helping Anajemba and was asked to repay $25.5 million and also sentenced to two and a half years in prison.
Nwude attempted to bribe Nuhu Ribadu, the then chairman of the EFCC, with $75,000 cash but the latter refused and Nwude was charged with attempted bribery as well as attempt to kidnap a prosecuting witness.
Following Sakaguchi's witness, Nwude finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five concurrent sentences of five years and was also asked to pay $10 million fine to the federal government.
He was released from prison in 2006 and filed a case to reclaim his assets insisting some of them were acquired before the criminal act. He has so far been able to reclaim $167 million.
A land dispute in the town of Ukpo in the Dunukofia area with Abagana community turned bloody when over 200 men invaded the community killing four policemen and the security guard at the construction site in 2016. The Anambra state government fingered Nwude as the ringleader and he was subsequently arrested and arraigned on 27 charges including murder and terrorism. He is being held at Awka prison as the court case is still on.
While Nwude’s criminal exploit was not the first in the country, it signified the rise in international financial crime and popularise the advanced fee fraud syndrome with Nigeria's name associated with it.source

Top 10 Countries Where Government Beg Citizens to Have More S*x

Top 10 Countries Where Government Beg Citizens to Have More S*x


Top 10 Countries Where Government Beg Citizens to Have More S*x

This might sound ridiculous, but do you know that there are countries where citizens are being begged by the government to have more s*x? Have a look at the s*x-starved nations.


Minister for S*x Appointed in Spain, Edelmira Barreira

There are few things more important than fertility in determining a nation's future viability.

Demographers suggest that a country needs a fertility rate of just over two children per woman to hit "replacement fertility" — the rate at which new births fill the spaces left behind by deaths.

But because of certain cultural and economic forces, only about half of the world's 224 countries currently hit replacement fertility.

For those that don't, encouraging people to have sex can involve strategies that range from highly explicit to downright bizarre.


1. Denmark

If you aren't going to have a kid for your own family, Danes are told, at least do it for Denmark.

No, literally, do it for Denmark.

The small Nordic country has such a low fertility rate — about 1.73 children per woman — that Spies Rejser, a Danish travel company, has come up with ingenious incentives to persuade women to get pregnant.

First, it offered to provide three years' worth of baby supplies to couples who conceived on a vacation booked through the company.

Now it has come up with a sexy campaign video titled "Do it for Mom," which guilt trips couples into having kids to give their precious mothers a grandchild.


2. Russia

Vladimir Putin once brought Boyz II Men to Moscow to rile men up right before Valentine's Day.

Can anyone blame him? As Tech Insider recently reported, the country is experiencing a perfect demographic storm. Men are dying young. HIV/AIDS and alcoholism are crippling the country. And women aren't having babies.

The problem got so bad that in 2007 Russia declared September 12 the official Day of Conception.

On the Day of Conception, people get the day off to focus on having kids. Women who give birth exactly nine months later, on June 12, win a refrigerator.


3. Japan

Japan's fertility rate has been below replacement since 1975.

To offset that decades-long trend, in 2010 a group of students from the University of Tsukuba introduced Yotaro, a robot baby that gives couples a preview of parenthood.

If men and women begin thinking of themselves as potential fathers and mothers, the students theorized, they'll feel emotionally ready to take a stab at the real thing.


4. Romania

The 1960s in Romania were a perilous time for couples.

Population growth flatlined, prompting the government to impose a 20% income tax for childless couples and to implement provisions that made divorce nearly impossible.

The idea was: If you weren't contributing to the communist state by creating future laborers, you had to contribute with dollars instead.

The 1980s weren't much better, however — women faced forced gynecological exams that were performed by "demographic command units" to ensure pregnancies went to term. When Romanian leadership changed in 1989, the brutal policy finally came crashing down. But at 1.31 children per woman, the fertility rate is still well below replacement.

5. Singapore

Singapore has the lowest fertility rate in the world, at just 0.81 children per woman.

On August 9, 2012, the Singaporean government held National Night, an event sponsored by the breath-mint company Mentos, to encourage couples to "let their patriotism explode."

The country has also placed a limit on the number of small one-bedroom apartments available for rent to encourage people to live together and, presumably, procreate.

Each year the government spends roughly $1.6 billion on programs to get people to have more sex.


6. South Korea

On the third Wednesday of every month, South Korean offices shut their lights off at 7 p.m. It's known as Family Day.

With a fertility rate of just 1.25 children per woman, the country takes any steps it can to promote family life — even offering cash incentives to people who have more than one child.

7. India

India as a whole has no problem with fertility — the country's ratio of 2.48 children per woman is well above replacement.

But the number of people in India's Parsis community is dwindling — it shrank from roughly 114,000 people in 1941 to just 61,000 in 2001, according to the 2001 census.

That problem led to a series of provocative ads in 2014, including one that read "Be responsible — don't use a condom tonight." Another, geared toward men who lived at home, asked, "Isn't it time you broke up with your Mum?"

The ads seem to be working: By the latest measure, the population has inched back to 69,000.


8. Italy

With a fertility rate of 1.43 — well below the European average of 1.58 — Italy has taken a controversial approach to encourage citizens to have more kids.

As Bloomberg reports, the country has been running a series of ads reminding Italians that time might be running out and that kids don't just come from nowhere.

"Beauty knows no age, fertility does," one ad said. "Get going! Don't wait for the stork," another said.

Couples haven't responded positively to the guilt trip. Francesco Daveri, a professor of economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, has called the ads a failure.


With a fertility rate of just 1.18 children per woman, Hong Kong faces the same challenge as many industrialized countries: Without enough young people to replace aging citizens, populations are dwindling and economic growth is slowing.

In 2013, the country proposed giving cash handouts to couples to encourage them to have kids.

The idea took its cue from Singapore, where parents receive a "baby bonus" of about $4,400 for their first two children and $5,900 for their third and fourth.

But in Hong Kong, the plan never came to life.

10. Spain

Fertility rates in Spain are creeping downward while unemployment is rising: About half of all young people don't have a job. It's the second-highest rate in Europe, behind Greece.

To combat the worrying trends, the Spanish government hired a special commissioner, Edelmira Barreira, in January 2017. Her first tasks are finding the myriad causes of the trend and devising macro strategies to reverse it .

"We have a lot of work ahead of us," Barreira told the Spanish newspaper Faro De Vigo

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Her body was found in the woods in 1991. This week police arrested her then-boyfriend after new technology matched a pair of socks

Her body was found in the woods in 1991. This week police arrested her then-boyfriend after new technology matched a pair of socks

(CNN) In 1991 Denise Sharon Kulb's body was found in a woodsy, undeveloped cul-de-sac in suburban Philadelphia after being missing for over three weeks.
It took 28 years, but authorities have finally arrested someone in her killing -- her then-boyfriend, thanks in part to new technology and a pair of socks.
Theodore Dill Donahue, 52, was arrested in Kulb's death after police gathered new evidence and interviews, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and the Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday
Donahue was charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and false reports to police. He has pleaded not guilty.
Authorities began to reinvestigate Kulb's killing in 2015, using new investigative tools to rebuild the case, Krasner said.
One of the methods used was photo-enhancing technology that linked a yellow sock found at the crime scene to a similar sock found at Donahue's apartment in 1991. After this analysis, investigators determined they were a matching pair of socks, said Anthony Voci, supervisor of the District Attorney's Office Homicide Unit.
Kulb, 27, was found dead in November 1991 in an undeveloped part of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Her body was decomposed and dressed only in a sweater, with the rest of her clothing piled on top of her, according to the district attorney.
"Twenty-eight years ago, Denise Sharon Kulb was found dead in a remote area in the suburbs, abandoned and discarded," Krasner said. "She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. She deserved far better than to be killed and left in a location unknown to those who mourned her."
"We are determined to help deliver closure and some peace of mind to those who have waited for a resolution of this criminal investigation for nearly 30 years," he added.
Donahue appeared in court Wednesday morning for an arraignment and pleaded not guilty, said his attorney, R. Emmett Madden. He is being held without bail.
"He is innocent, and we look forward to proving his innocence in court," Madden said.
Investigators say that when they originally interviewed Donahue, he said the last time he saw her was during a drug-fueled incident. Donahue told them he and Kulb had purchased and ingested crack cocaine before being robbed at knifepoint. Kulb ran to get help, and he never saw her again, he said.
But when reinterviewed in 2015, Donahue gave a different story about seeing her at a bar and admitted he had lied before, officials said. Kulb's sister also said that on the day of Kulb's disappearance -- October 19, 1991 -- she had seen the couple fighting outside a bar where her sister worked, according to the district attorney.
Over the past four years, Pennsylvania State Police said they conducted multiple interviews with Donahue and other potential witnesses that suggested Donahue might have taken part in the murder. Voci, the prosecutor, said Donahue told multiple people over the past 28 years that Kulb was murdered in his apartment, which ultimately helped lead to his arrest.
"We are never finished investigating any case, as I like to tell people," Voci said.
The interviews "also recreated Donahue's retelling of how his old girlfriend was found face-down in the woods strangled to death, revealing details that no one but an eyewitness to the crime scene or the perpetrator should have known," the district attorney's statement said.

Android 10 is likely coming to Pixels on September 3rd

Android 10 is likely coming to Pixels on September 3rd

Google is close to releasing Android 10, and as spotted by 9to5Google, two Canadian mobile carriers have leaked dates saying the OS is coming to Pixel phones on September 3rd.
Carriers Rogers and Telus both posted the incoming updates on their support forums. Rogers has since removed the date, but the information is still available on Telus’ site, which says “Android Q + security update” is scheduled for all Pixel phones tomorrow.
While nothing’s guaranteed until the information is released by Google, the timeline adds up. The final beta for Android 10 was released a month ago, and at the time, Google said the public release was “just a few weeks away.” Android releases tend to come to Google’s phones first, so the Pixel-first release makes sense, too.
Android 10 includes new gesture controls, a dark mode, and some impressive new accessibility features. The beta has been available on two dozen phones from manufacturers including LG, Nokia, Huawei, and OnePlus, and that’s a good sign that those devices and perhaps other devices from those companies will get updated to the new operating system in a timely fashion — as Android phones are still too often stuck waiting for an update to the latest OS.

Notting Hill attack: Police hunt ‘devil’ who bit woman’s face at carnival, leaving her with ‘life-changing’ injuries

Notting Hill attack: Police hunt ‘devil’ who bit woman’s face at carnival, leaving her with ‘life-changing’ injuries

A woman attending Notting Hill Carnival has suffered “life-changing” injuries after an unknown man who told her he was “the devil” bit her in the face.
The attack took place at about 6pm on Sunday at the annual celebration, while the victim was stood talking to a group of women on Portobello Road.
The Metropolitan Police said a man approached her and said, “I’m the devil”, before leaning forward and “biting off her top lip”.
The woman, who was bleeding heavily and in shock, approached police officers, who escorted her to the nearest first aid post.
She was then taken to a west London hospital where her injuries were deemed “life-changing”.

‘Fearless’ Colombian model casually makes a hand bra after her top comes off on catwalk – The Sun

‘Fearless’ Colombian model casually makes a hand bra after her top comes off on catwalk – The Sun

THIS is the moment a super-calm model styles it out when her skimpy top flies off on the catwalk.
Lina Daniela Daza was determined not to let her very public wardrobe malfunction put her off her stride.  Lina was determined not to let her wardrobe malfunction ruin the show

Lina was determined not to let her wardrobe malfunction ruin the show
Credit: Central European News
She was appearing at a fashion show at a hotel in Cucuta in Colombia
The true pro showed real composure to fashion her own "hand bra" to save her from further embarrassment.
Her quick-thinking has now been praised by those that have seen the cheeky clip in her home country.
Fearless Lina was appearing at a fashion show at the Hotel Casino Internacional in Cucuta in Colombia.
In the footage, the former beauty queen is seen entering the catwalk in a skimpy silver outfit before her top pops off and she is forced to cover her boobs with both hands.
Sporting a cheeky smile, Lina continues modelling the outfit without further incident.
The stunning brunette said on social media later: “Today, something occurred that had never happened before, a new experience!

Naomi Osaka upset by Belinda Bencic at US Open

Naomi Osaka upset by Belinda Bencic at US Open

(CNN)Naomi Osaka authored an indelible mark on the US Open when she comforted the sport's newest sensation, Coco Gauff, following their third-round match.
It is sure to remembered for longer than their careers, which are only starting, really.
But the 21-year-old's quest to win back-to-back titles in New York came to an end Monday when she was ousted by giant killer Belinda Bencic, 7-5, 6-4.
No one on the women's tour has beaten more top-five or top-10 players this season than the 13th seed, and she also made it three victories in a row this year over the Japanese star, who will lose her No. 1 ranking to Ashleigh Barty.
Bencic will face Donna Vekic, who came back to defeat Julia Goerges in three sets, in the quarterfinals.
Osaka entered the US Open under an injury cloud, having retired at her previous event in Cincinnati with a knee injury two weeks ago.
Was it a factor under the roof at Arthur Ashe stadium?
She is sure to shed some light in her post-match press conference, but Osaka could be seen taking a tablet when visited by the trainer at 2-3 in the second set.
It's been that kind of last 24 hours at the US Open. On Sunday, men's defending champion Novak Djokovic was forced to retire down two sets to Stan Wawrinka thanks to a shoulder injury the Serb had been carrying for weeks.
Like Gauff, she was a precocious teen and stellar junior. In 2015, Bencic strung together a hugely impressive week to win the Rogers Cup, knocking off the likes of Serena Williams, Simona Halep, Caroline Wozniacki and Ana Ivanovic.
But then the injuries crept in. There was wrist surgery in 2017, back issues and most recently a foot complaint that forced her to retire in Cincinnati.
Bencic, however, benefited from some luck this week when third-round foe Anett Kontaveit handed her a walkover due to illness.
Bencic, who is mainly coached by her dad, Ivan, also has been extensively coached by Melanie Molitor -- the mom of Martina Hingis -- and exhibits similar court craft to Hingis.
That was fully evidenced in the fifth game of the second, when she beautifully redirected a venomous Osaka drive down the line with a backhand.
She had drawn first blood by winning a high-quality first set where both players combined for 31 winners and only 19 unforced errors.

Bencic has always loved New York -- the site of her maiden grand slam quarterfinal in 2014 -- and that won't diminish now.
Osaka's exit proves just how difficult it is for anyone not named Serena Williams to retain the US Open women's title. The last player to do so was Kim Clijsters in 2010.

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Tips

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Tips

When opening Instagram, how often do you "swipe left to see more?" Maybe it’s to see that a blog post from your favorite media site was uploaded. Or to watch the entire trailer for the latest season of "Stranger Things" (guilty).
Whether you double-tapped on a "Throwback Thursday" post or commented on how helpful that newsletter on managing spreadsheets was, these engagements are an excellent use of Instagram’s Carousel feature, an expansive tool that fits into countless marketing campaigns.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram’s Carousels allow an account to use multiple media (images or video) in one post. This is indicated by a post having the icon of two squares in the upper-right corner.
instagram-carousel-iconImage source: TechCrunch
Businesses are using the Carousel feature on Instagram to serve their current customers and generate new leads. As the number one social network for organic engagement, it’s a cost-effective, succinct, and engaging way to communicate your marketing message.
Carousels don’t necessarily have to be ads. In order to create a Carousel Ad, there are two requirements: switching to an Instagram Business account and having a connected Facebook Business page. That way, you can create Instagram Carousels from your Facebook page.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a Carousel Ad:
  1. Open Facebook’s Power Editor.
  2. Select the campaign you want to be in the ad, click "Create Ad Set."
  3. Fill out the information requested, including targeting and placements options.
  4. In the placements stage, make sure only Instagram is selected.
  5. Proceed with Facebook’s instructions and click "Create."
  6. Your Carousel ad will then be published on Instagram, in either a Story or on your main feed.
Instagram offers two types of Carousel Ads for Stories that cater to your objective, assets, and target audiences: Native Stories and Expandable Stories.
For Native Stories, all of the cards are automatically displayed, meaning viewers won’t have to "swipe to see more," the ad will autoplay. Because these cards are automatic, there’s a max number of three for each ad.
Expandable Stories are more traditional. Viewers can tap to keep watching and can tap through a max of 10 cards. Expandable Stories are great for mixed media ads and audiences who usually buy on mobile.
Both Story formats support mixed media and allow one CTA per ad. If any card, or all the cards, are seen by the same viewer, only one impression is counted. Finally, these ads can either have different web destinations per card or one destination for the entire ad.
New to the Carousel feature? We’ve put together 10 ways you can start using Carousels to promote your business.

10 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels

1. Product launch

Instagram is a perfect way to tease your followers with your next product launch. Use the Carousel to include pictures, specs, and even a first look, like Audio-Technica did below with their new headphones.
Since Instagram is known for business engagement, (about 80% of Instagram users follow a business), this is a great chance to answer questions and build hype. For instance, if a customer asked, "Are these headphones available for purchase?" Audio-Technica could mention them in a reply comment so others with the same question can see the answer.
Image source: Audio-Technica

2. Full-length videos/images

Have a full-length commercial or photo that’s too big for Instagram? Give it the Carousel treatment. TechCrunch highlights a packing robot from Amazon in the two-video Carousel featured below. Sometimes full videos can do what a commercial or quick clip can’t.

3. Before and after

One of the first questions asked when releasing a new product – or marketing an existing one – is "How does it work?" The Container Store uses Carousels to answer that question. Visually showing the benefits of your product gives your target audience the chance to see how your product fits into their lives.

4. Recap

If your business hosts events, and you’d like to boost attendance and thank attendees, consider using Carousels to recap those events. Followers can swipe through and reminisce on that rooftop dinner or RSVP for the next one. Take this example, from INBOUND:

5. Blog content

A secret weapon to promoting blog content? Teasing it on Instagram. IBM does this well by using the Carousel to tease their blog posts without giving the message away – a throwback theme for a throwback post.