3 Ways of Getting Freelance Writing Work that Few Others are Trying

3 Ways of Getting Freelance Writing Work that Few Others are Trying

Most writers who are looking to take on extra freelance work flock to online job boards.

This makes sense, after all these platforms are used by people who are actively looking for writers.

You should always look to have multiple sources of work, to both increase your scope for growth and to minimize risk.

To develop another source of consistent writing work it can be worth taking a more proactive approach in making sales by looking for people who indicate that they would benefit from working with a writer, but who are not openly soliciting such work.

To help get you started with this, here are three types of business that are often in need of freelance writing work (whether they openly say this or not), how to find them, and how to approach them for such jobs.

1. PR agencies

PR agencies are almost always responsible for producing copy and content on behalf of their clients.

However, given the rate of client churn in this industry and that each client will have a different need in terms of quantity of content, most PR agencies use a combination of in-house and freelance writers to produce their clients’ copy.

Often PR companies will openly be advertising for remote, freelance writer roles on their website or Linkedin page, but even the ones who do not may well be open to taking on more freelance writers if you can show them that you can provide good quality and reliable work.

Approaching these companies is a three-step process. These steps are:

  1. Finding the agencies themselves

  2. Sourcing the person in charge of recruitment and finding their email address

  3. Sending them an email pitching your services.

Here is a breakdown of how to do these three steps.

1. Finding the PR agencies

This is very simple.

All you have to do is make a Google search for agencies in your local area. I would recommend starting with your local area, as most people tend to want to “buy local” (its always a nice hook in your outreach to say you live locally), and this also guarantees that you are a native speaker of the language that your target agency operates in.

Once you have exhausted all the agencies in your local area, you can expand outwards to your country and then internationally.

So, simply Google “PR agency in [my local area]” to find your local agencies.

Once you have put together a list of local PR agencies, it’s now time to find the person responsible for hiring writers, and their contact details.


2. Sourcing the person in charge of recruitment and finding their email address

The best place to find the person in charge of recruiting writers at a PR agency is the company’s Linkedin page.

When on the company’s Linkedin profile page, go to the “people” tab and you will be presented with a list of profiles and a search bar at the top of the listing.

At larger agencies (approximately 20 or more in house staff) there will likely be a dedicated Human Resources manager who is responsible for recruiting. You can find them by searching for the following keywords:

  1. “Human resources”

  2. “People”

  3. “Staffing”

  4. “Recruitment”

  5. “We’re hiring”

If there is no clear dedicated HR person, or the agency is on the smaller side, then just look for the Managing Director (or equivalent) at the company.

Once you have identified the best person to contact, it’s now time to find their email address.

Email addresses can also be quickly searched for using a Google search along with some advanced search operators.

Here is the search string to use: [“@domain”] email [target person’s name] (do not use the square brackets.

So if you wanted to find the email of Bob Jones who works at Freelance Writing Jobs, you would Google:

“@freelancewritinggigs.com” email Bob Jones

This search forces Google to reveal any page that contains the words Bob Jones, email (or a synonym of this) and @freelancewritinggigs.com. Any page which contains all of these terms should have the relevant person’s email, or at least a good email to find them on.

If you cannot find the target person’s email, then just use a generic company email or contact form, but make it to the attention of the target person.

3. Sending an email pitching your services

PR agencies want to know that you can produce a wide range of content, with consistent quality and on a reliable basis.

Your email to them should focus more on past examples of work than who you are. So long as your email is clear about who you are and what you want, that is all that is necessary.

Here is an example email template to get this type of work:

Hi {{first}}

{{Brief introduction of yourself.}}

I’m emailing you to see if you are looking to take on any writers on a freelance basis?

I know that your content demands from clients fluctuate, so I’m happy to help you with the workload during busier periods.

I have extensive experience in the following industries: {{list industries that you have the most experience}} but am happy to try my hand at anything.

Here is my portfolio {{attach a link to your website or portfolio in Dropbox}} and links to a couple of the articles that I am most proud of.

{{links to articles}}

Do let me know if this is of interest. Happy to take a call to discuss further: {{leave phone number}}


As with any cold email, always follow up with your prospects.


2) Online Businesses and Blogs

Businesses that operate purely online generally have a greater need for content than brick and mortar businesses because their brand is built entirely from their digital copy.

Most online businesses are on the smaller side of things, and they usually have just a handful of people responsible for churning out all their content. If you can demonstrate that you are capable of writing articles that will drive traffic to their website, they should be more than happy to work with you.

Now, since most blogs and online businesses revolve around a narrow niche, and most of the site’s visitors are passionate about that niche, a site owner will be much more willing to work with you if you can demonstrate familiarity with that industry. 

Relevant past writing samples are key to your success here.

The first step to connecting with these businesses is therefore to brainstorm all the industries that you have experience in. It’s worth taking the time here to look for microniches related to your past experience, as this will give you a load more targets.

Once you have a list of industries, Google the following:

Running “affiliate disclaimer”.

As we can see from the above screenshot, three of the top five results here are running websites that market running products.

The reason why this Google search gives you online businesses in a particular industry is that the most common form of monetization for these businesses is affiliate marketing.

All websites that engage in affiliate marketing need to have an affiliate disclaimer, so searching around this will reveal the affiliate marketing sites in your chosen industry.

Given that most of these businesses are small operations, just use the generic email address to get in contact with whoever runs the website. You can usually find this on the “contact us” page of the website or in the left column of their Facebook page.

It’s also checking out the website’s “about” page to find the name of the website owner so you can personalize your email.

Once you have found the relevant contact details, this is the type of email that you would want to send:


I am a freelance writer with a particular interest in [industry] due to [say where your interest stems from – the more authentic the better].

I am looking for freelance writing work, so was wondering if you had articles that needed writing. I can help with the ideation process if needed.

I am not looking to link to any external companies (I know that wheeze). I am looking for paid work but am happy to do an article for free just to show you what I’ve got.

Here are some articles I have written in this industry before.

(link to your best articles in that industry).

Let me know if you are interested.

Two points are important to note:

  1. Specifically state that you are not looking to link to an external company. Often marketers pretend to be freelance writers to build links to third party companies. Your chances of being accepted are much higher if you clearly state that this is not your agenda.

  2. With all the writing samples in the world, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Offer to write an article for free and if it’s the type of content that they like they will likely want to hire you for future work.

2. Local businesses with blogs

Countless local businesses start a blog with the best intention in the world to update it regularly, but it falls to the wayside.

This presents an opportunity for you to help them pick up the slack.

Much like with online businesses, you will be seen as a much more valuable asset by business owners if you have relevant industry experience. You should therefore target businesses that are both in your local area and who are relevant to your past experience.

To find these businesses, simply Google: 

[your industry] in [your chosen area] “blog”.

Therefore if you want to work with dental practices in London, you should Google:

Dentist in London “blog”

All these results are London based dental practices that have blogs.

With these results, you should look through their blogging history. 

Businesses that regularly publish posts probably do not need a writer, so look for ones that are only occasionally updated, or that once had a regular output but have now stopped.

It’s now time to reach out to these businesses. 

Generally, with local businesses, you just want to contact the company owner. They can be found on the about us or LinkedIn page of the business.

Try to find their personal business email if you can.

For local businesses, you want to send the following email:

Hi {{first name}},

Introduce yourself and say that you are local.

I am a freelance writer with a particular interest in [industry] due to [say where your interest stems from – the more authentic the better].

I see that you have a blog on your website, but that it is not updated too regularly.

If you still want regular blog posts (and who doesn’t, given its benefit to your business) then I may be able to help you with that.

I am ultimately looking for paid work but can provide the first post for free, just to see my quality of writing.

Here are some articles I have written in this industry before.

(link to your 2 best relevant posts).

If you are interested, feel free to give me a call at (phone number).


Again, offering to write the first post for free will show an impressive amount of belief in the quality of your work.

Even with a detail-oriented approach to business development such as this one, sales is ultimately a numbers game.

Do not give up after sending 10 or so emails. Carry on until you get work. Once you know how many emails you need to send out to get a yes, you will start to have a predictable, and scalable, source of freelance writing work.

This article was written by Oli Graham, Marketing Manager at content agency RightlyWritten. Oli started his career as a freelance writer while he was still at college, and has worked in a number of agency-side marketing roles, including Public Relations, SEO, and social media marketing.




A Federal Judge Wants To Know If Trump Means What He Tweets

A Federal Judge Wants To Know If Trump Means What He Tweets

A federal judge Friday ordered the Justice Department to find out directly from President Donald Trump whether he really intended to declassify all Russia investigation documents without redactions when he tweeted exactly that last week.

The judge’s directive was issued in response to two emergency motions filed last week by BuzzFeed News seeking the immediate release of Russia-related documents in response to Trump’s tweets.

The move by the judge could be a watershed moment for those who have gone to court and sought the release of records based on the president's tweets. For nearly four years, the government’s position has been that Trump’s tweets should not be taken literally, while in other instances the government has argued that they’re official statements.

During an extraordinary 30-minute hearing Friday morning, US District Court Judge Reggie Walton rejected a government attorney’s assertion that Trump’s Oct. 6 tweets were “ambiguous” and should not be interpreted as orders to declassify anything specific.

Matt Topic, an attorney representing BuzzFeed News, disagreed. He told Walton there can’t be anything more clear than Trump’s tweet that called for the release of every document from the Russia probe without any redactions.

Walton also disagreed with the government's stance. He said Trump’s tweets in which the president stated he has “fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining” to the Russia investigation are “unambiguous” and clearly indicated what his intent was.

“I don’t think anything more is required,” Walton said.

Justice Department attorney Courtney Enlow argued that the White House counsel informed the government that Trump’s tweets were not declassification orders and don’t require the disclosure of any additional documents in BuzzFeed News’ ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuits related to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. She said deference in the matter should be given to the government.

In a declaration filed earlier this week, Bradley Weinsheimer, associate deputy attorney general, wrote that — after consulting with the White House counsel — what Trump authorized for declassification actually was documents related to the ongoing review by Attorney General Bill Barr into the genesis of the Russia investigation.

Walton, who had previously ordered the Justice Department to confer with the White House and obtain the official position regarding the declassification and release of documents related to the Russia investigation, indicated to Enlow that he wasn’t interested in the White House counsel’s position. Rather, he wanted Trump’s.

“The American public has a right to rely on what a president says his intent is,” he said.

So, he ordered the Justice Department to have a conversation directly with Trump and to find out whether his tweets really meant to declassify and release all Russia-related investigation documents and to file the president's response with the court.

Walton set another hearing for Wednesday. He ordered the Department of Justice to file by Tuesday “a declaration by the President or an individual who has conferred directly with the President regarding whether the President intended to order the declassification and release without redaction” FBI interview summaries of witnesses from the Mueller probe, an unredacted copy of the Mueller report, and other related documents.


The real reason Alicia Keys stopped wearing makeup

The real reason Alicia Keys stopped wearing makeup

In a powerful essay for Lena Dunham's newsletter Lenny, published May 31, 2016, Keys discussed how her many years in the public eye had altered her perception of beauty and perfection. "I remember when I first started to be in the public eye. Oh my gawd! Everyone had something to say," she wrote. "'She's so hard, she acts like a boy, she must be gay, she should be more feminine!' But the truth is, I was just from New York, and everyone I knew acted like that."

Keys continued, "But this wasn't the streets of New York. This was the harsh, judgmental world of entertainment and my biggest test yet." Keys said the pressures of the industry turned her into a "chameleon" who was "constantly changing so all the 'they's' would accept me." She wrote, "Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn't put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture?? What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me."





Biden wins town hall ratings battle with Trump, drawing nearly 1 million more viewers than the president

Biden wins town hall ratings battle with Trump, drawing nearly 1 million more viewers than the president

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden won the TV ratings battle against President Donald Trump after a night of dueling town halls. 
  • The 2020 Democratic candidate attracted nearly one million more viewers to his ABC News town hall than the president's NBC News town hall, according to CNN.
  • Data shows that Biden drew 13.9 million viewers on ABC alone, versus Trump's total of 13 million from NBC, CNBC and MSNBC. 
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Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the TV ratings battle against President Donald Trump after an evening of dueling town halls, according to data reported by CNN.

The 2020 Democratic candidate drew 13.9 million viewers to his town hall on ABC, beating Trump's 13 million total for his NBC News town hall broadcast at the same time. 

The former vice president's event was only played on ABC, whereas the president's event aired on three different channels — NBC, CNBC and MSNBC. 

The ratings are based on TV viewership. Online streaming figures are not included. 

The competing town halls replaced a second presidential debate, which was canceled after Trump refused to participate virtually, a change made by the Commission on Presidential Debates due to health concerns about his recent COVID-19 diagnosis. The White House physician announced earlier this week that the president is no longer infectious and has tested negative.

Following the cancelation, Biden filled the lost time by scheduling a town hall at 8 p.m. EST for Thursday. Trump later followed suit and announced a town hall on NBC in the same time slot.

NBC faced substantial criticism for agreeing to host Trump's town hall at the same time as Biden's.

"We are simply asking that NBC air the President's town hall either before or after Vice President Biden's so that American voters can have the opportunity to watch both," a letter from over 100 NBC employees read. The event went ahead as planned. 

The two are set to face-off on the same stage again at the final presidential debate on October 22.




Trump blasts Susan Collins over SCOTUS amid reelection fight

Trump blasts Susan Collins over SCOTUS amid reelection fight

President Donald Trump on Friday attacked Maine Sen. Susan Collins over her stated opposition to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, lashing out at one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans less than three weeks from Election Day.

“There is a nasty rumor out there that @SenatorCollins of Maine will not be supporting our great United States Supreme Court Nominee,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Well, she didn’t support Healthcare or my opening up 5000 square miles of Ocean to Maine, so why should this be any different. Not worth the work!”

Despite the president’s assertion, Collins’ opposition to Barrett’s nomination and likely confirmation is more than a rumor. In fact, the senator argued last month that the Supreme Court vacancy should be filled by whoever wins the presidency on Nov. 3.




“This Man Just Peed On Me!”: Detroit Woman Says She Woke Up To A Well-Known Pastor Urinating On Her During Flight

“This Man Just Peed On Me!”: Detroit Woman Says She Woke Up To A Well-Known Pastor Urinating On Her During Flight

A Detroit woman says she was startled mid-flight when she woke up to find that a “well-known” North Carolina pastor was peeing on her.

Alicia Beverly was returning home to Detroit from Las Vegas on Monday night with her sister when the event occurred after she dozed off during a red-eye flight on Delta.

“It felt warm, like on the side of me I felt something warm,” Beverly told WJBK.

The sensation made her wake up, where her worst fears were confirmed.

“I jump up and I seen his private area out and I screamed and that woke everybody up,” Alicia said. “By that time I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off and I’m like this man just peed on me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats!”

Luckily a few passengers ran over to help her, while an off-duty cop restrained the man. Sources who spoke with the pastor told WBJK that he suffered a bad reaction to a sleeping aid.

“He didn’t say anything the whole time he was standing there,” Alicia continued.

Unfortunately for Alicia, she was forced to sit in her urinated soaked clothes for the remainder of the flight until the plane landed at Detroit Metro Airport.

The pastor was taken into custody but was not charged, the FBI has not yet made a decision to move forward as they oversee incidents which occur in the air.

While she’s grateful for everyone who came to her aid during the flight, she is suffering incredibly because of the event.

“It was a lot. My anxiety was really high literally. Since then I have only gotten four hours of sleep,” she said.



Donald Trump just revealed *a lot* more than he meant to about his tax returns

Donald Trump just revealed *a lot* more than he meant to about his tax returns

(CNN) President Donald Trump is the only modern American president to never release any of his tax returns -- either while running for office or during his time in office. He's offered a series of explanations for why that is, including that he is under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and that his taxes are too complicated for anyone to understand.

The questions surrounding Trump's tax returns have only grown more urgent in the wake of a series of New York Times articles based on copies of Trump's returns they were able to obtain, that suggest, among many other things, that Trump has paid little to no federal taxes in the last two decades and that he is personally responsible for more than $400 million in loans that come due over the next four years.

Which brings me to Thursday's town hall with Trump -- in which moderator Savannah Guthrie asked the President about his loans and his tax returns. I'm posting the full exchange -- warning: it's very long -- between the two because, well, you have to see it to believe it. Here we go:

Guthrie: On the subject of taxes, as you know, The New York Times has obtained, it says, years of your tax returns among other things. It says that you have debts of approximately $421 million that you have personally--

Trump: Yes.

Guthrie: -- guaranteed and that will come due in the next four years. The question is on behalf of voters: who do you owe $421 million to?

Trump: OK. First of all, let me answer. What they did is illegal, number one. Also the numbers are all wrong with the numbers they released. And just so you understand when you have a lot of real estate. I have real estate. You know a lot of it, OK, right down the road, Doral, big stuff, great stuff. I'm very under -- when I decided to run I'm very under levered fortunately but I'm very under levered. I have a very, very small percentage of debt compared -- in fact some of it I did as favors to institutions that wanted to loan me money. $400 million compared to the assets that I have all of these great properties all over the world and frankly the Bank of America building in San Francisco. I don't love what's happening to San Francisco.

Guthrie: Well do I hear you right, it sounds like you're saying--

Trump: 1290 Avenue (inaudible) one of the biggest--

Guthrie: $400 million isn't that much.

Trump: -- office buildings.

Guthrie: But are you confirming that, yes, you do owe sum $400 million?

Trump: What I'm saying is that it's a tiny percentage of my net worth.

Guthrie: That sounds like yes.

Trump: And you will see that soon because we're doing things. We've given -- I think it's 108 or 112 pages of financial detail to elections and we have to file as the president. As any politician you have to file. Nobody ever looks at that. When they do they see how incredible a company is but more importantly they see where this debt is. No, I don't owe Russia money, I don't owe -- I owe a very, very small -- it's called mortgages. People have a house, they put a mortgage --

Guthrie: Yes. Any foreign bank, any foreign entity?

Trump: Not that I know of but I will probably because it's so easy to solve and if you'd like to do -- I will let you know who -- who I owe whatever small amount of money. I want to say two things. Number one, it's a very small amount of money. Number two, it's very straight -- it's very, very straight but it's a tiny percentage of the work. Did you ever hear the expression, under levered?

Guthrie: Yes.

Trump: I am extremely under levered.

Guthrie: Well, here's the thing, you could clear this up tonight by just releasing your tax returns yourself. I mean that's what I don't understand.

Trump: Well, I'll tell you what --

Guthrie: I think people are just wondering, you're the only --

Trump: As you know, I'm under audit. It turned out that I am under audit.

Guthrie: Yes, but the IRS said -- you are --

Trump: They actually -- excuse me. No, no, but you --

Guthrie: But the IRS says that doesn't stop you from releasing.

Trump: But you accused me of not being under audit previously and so did other people at NBC and I am under audit.

Guthrie: You are.

Trump: So that was solved. That's what -- I am under audit. No person in their right mind would release prior to working out the deal with the IRS. And I'll go a step further. I'm treated very badly by the IRS. They treat me very, very badly. You have people in there from previous administrations that treat me very badly. But we're under audit. It's very routine in many ways but we're under audit. They like to change the game, change the rules, do everything. You saw what they did with the Tea Party people. You saw what they did with the religious groups.

Guthrie: But to be clear, there is no law or rule that prohibits you from releasing your tax returns.

Trump: No, except common sense and intelligence and having lawyers that say -- because I would love to release them, and as soon as we come to a conclusion I will release them and very gladly. But if you go to elections and if you take a look you'll see 112 -- I think its 112, it talks about the income, which is rather massive. It talks about all of the properties, they have them listed. You can never learn more. But you know what happened; people went there, all the reporters went there. It was like a feeding frenzy. This was originally when I filed it. And I file it every year. I update it every year. My son is here, they run the company. I don't run the company. You know -- you know --

Guthrie: It also says that you paid $750 in taxes in the year you were elected. Is that true or not?

Trump: Yes, because that's a statutory number. It's a statutory -- it's not that --

Guthrie: But is that true?

Trump: I think it's a filing number. You pay $750, it's a filing -- or a filing fee.

Guthrie: But is that all you paid because most people here probably paid more?

Trump: No, I don't know. I can't tell you this, if they have my tax returns, as you know, they have to go to jail. It's illegal. But their numbers were wrong. But let me tell you what else. I don't owe money to any of these sinister people. This has been going on for years now. Russia, Russia, Russia. It turned out to be a hoax and it turned out to be that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were dealing with Russia, not me. It's a whole hoax. So I would not mind at all saying who it is but it's very small. When you look at vast properties like I have and they're big and they're beautiful and they're well located, when you look at that the amount of money, $400 million is a peanut. It's extremely under levered. And it's levered with normal banks, not a big deal.

Guthrie: All right. Let's take a break. We'll get more voter questions right after this.

Whoa boy. Amid all of the spin and misdirection that Trump attempted in that series of car-crash answers, Guthrie was able to extract a number of admissions from Trump.

Let's go through them -- in the order he said them.1) Trump does have more than $400 million in loans coming due. Yes, he insists that $400 million is nothing compared the immense value of his various properties around the world. But when asked directly by Guthrie whether he owes $400 million, Trump responds: "What I'm saying is that it's a tiny percentage of my net worth." To which Guthrie interjects "that sounds like yes." Which, well, exactly. As for Trump's ability to pay off the loans, it's worth noting here that he appears to have paid off

Yes, he insists that $400 million is nothing compared the immense value of his various properties around the world. But when asked directly by Guthrie whether he owes $400 million, Trump responds: "What I'm saying is that it's a tiny percentage of my net worth." To which Guthrie interjects "that sounds like yes." Which, well, exactly. As for Trump's ability to pay off the loans, it's worth noting here that he appears to have paid off a total of zero on the principal on a $100 million loan he took out on Trump Tower in 2012.

2) Trump won't say whether he has loans with foreign banks or foreign governments. While this isn't definitive proof that Trump does owe money to a foreign government or a foreign bank (or both) you would think that if he didn't owe money to one of these places, he would say it. Right? What you probably wouldn't think he would say is this: "Not that I know of but I will probably because it's so easy to solve and if you'd like to do -- I will let you know who -- who I owe whatever small amount of money."

3) Trump is under audit (still). Trump has used the under-audit excuse since at least early 2016 to explain why he is not releasing any of his taxes. (As Guthrie rightly notes, there is nothing in the law that says a president under audit can't release his taxes anyway; Richard Nixon did just that.) Trump confirmed to Guthrie that he remains under audit as of Thursday night. Which, well, I guess that's possible?

4) Trump seemingly only paid $750 in taxes in 2016. All but confirming the Times report regarding the meager amount he paid in taxes the year he was elected president, Trump told Guthrie that "you pay $750, it's a filing -- or a filing fee." She followed up by asking whether that was all he paid that year in taxes. "No, I don't know," the President responded. Which very likely means yes, because again, if he paid more than $750 in taxes in 2016, don't you think he would have taken the opportunity to say that? Of course he would!

Like I said, there was a lot more in Trump's answers than he probably meant there to be. Which is a credit to Guthrie's questions. And to The New York Times' reporting -- the vast majority of which Trump himself confirmed was right on Thursday night.



Google Can Help You Find A Song If You Hum

Google Can Help You Find A Song If You Hum

Yesterday, Google announced that it is adding a new hum to search feature to its search tools. This would allow the users to just hum the tune and search for any song that is stuck in their heads.

Notably, this could be very beneficial for those who could not remember the lyrics of the song. You can just hum the tune of the song and Google will try to identify the song with that tune and show you the results.

It is a common case scenario, where a nice song playing at the coffee shop, stucks into our head. Due to some of the other reasons, we could not recall the lyrics of the songs.

You can literally search for the song that goes "da daaaa da da daaaa na naa naa ooohh yeah?" and Google will use the machine learning capabilities to search and identify the song the resembles the hum that you searched in the first place.

Besides, users would be able to hum, whistle, or sing a melody and let Google do its job for searching the song. However, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your device.

Google hum to search feature is available on the Google app for both iOS and Android

Good thing is that Google has not limited this feature only to the Google App on Android. Instead, the iOS users can also take advantage of this Google hum to search feature on their Apple devices.

You simply need to tap on the mic icon and say "what's this song?" or click the newly added "Search a song" button and then hum the tune you remember for 10-15 seconds.

Google will make use of the inbuilt machine learning and will try to closely show the result that is likely a match. Users will be able to listen to the search results and take note of the song's name if that is perfect to your hum.

Once the search is complete, you can view the matching videos, listen to the audio that is correct to your hum, find the lyrics of the song, and much more.

To go into the details, Google explains this feature using machine learning models to "transform the audio into a number-based sequence representing the song’s melody." It then compares the melody with the existing songs.

The machine learning models are trained on a variety of sources. For instance, humans singing, whistling, or humming, as well as studio recordings.

Apparently, this feature is currently available in English on iOS and in more than 20 languages on Android. Google will expand this to more languages as the days go on.






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